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December – New Album Releases

Posted: Wed, 9 December 2015

Library Music - Soho Production Music- 154 - Natural World Cover

SOHO 154 – Natural World

Natural World brings together a beautiful, bright and moving collection of tracks which are able to help create an emotional engagement with the viewer. The album is wonderfully suited for poignant and sentimental documentaries, daytime light programming, nature shows and background beds, with affecting tracks for those tender, tear-jerking moments.

Best suited for: Nature / Documentaries / Daytime TV

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 125 - Fanfares And Salutes Cover

SOHOA 125 – Fanfares And Salutes

This incredibly useful set of 99 historical fanfares ranges from royal ceremonials to military parades to showbiz introductions to post war celebrations. This vast and varied album spans the first half of the 20th century, making it a valuable resource for producers seeking authentic fanfares from this period in history.

Best suited for: Military / Period Dramas / Fanfares

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 126 - Sports Special Cover

SOHOA 126 – Sports Special

This compilation of kitsch and groovy themes covers sports programming of all kinds, including football results roundups, Olympic Games, highlight showreels and celebratory moments. Predominantly taken from big band recordings in the 1960s and 70s, the tracks are upbeat, camp and energetic. Also on the album you’ll discover some older orchestral tracks, which provided the soundtrack for sports shows in the post-war years.

Best suited for: Sports / Documentaries / 1960s Programming and Docs

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 127 - Industrial Wartime Cover

SOHOA 127 – Industrial Wartime

The sometimes forgotten industrial side of war is brought into the foreground on this new archive release. With tracks befitting for the tough, physical labour which was endured during the war years, the album captures the mechanical and industrial toil in which many people worked within during wartime across Europe and the rest of the world. These stunning orchestral tracks encapsulate both the exertion and pride which was shown by manual labourers at the time.

Best suited for: War Dramas and Documentaries / Industry

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 128 - Love And Romance Cover

SOHOA 128 – Love And Romance

Elegance, passion and drama can all be found on our new Love and Romance album. This archive collection of spectacular orchestral tracks includes deep loss and mourning, alongside unwavering devotion and sublime beauty. The album feels distinctly European, taking influences from the films of Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, whilst also having an air of fantasy to it.

Best suited for: Cinematic / European / Passion and Love

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 129 - Light Activity Cover

SOHOA 129 – Light Activity

The music of classic 1950s household commercials can be found on our new Light Activity album. For busy households, cleaning products and the hustle and bustle of working life in the city, you needn’t look further than this bright and playful selection of tracks.

Best suited for: The Home / Urban City Life / Documentaries

Library Music - Soho Production Music - Soho Archive- 130 - Melodrama And Passion Cover

SOHOA 130 – Melodrama And Passion

This new Archive release contains the earliest recordings found anywhere in our collection. Going back as early as the 1910s, the music soundtracks a more ruthless, audacious and villainous time, think Jack The Ripper and the foggy streets of London. There’s plenty of tension and suspense to be found on these tracks as well as adventure, passion and fantasy. It’s an album of intensity, legendary tales and fantastical worlds, with music which was created 100 years ago, yet still sounds incredible today.

Best suited for: Murder and Villainy / Documentaries / Drama