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February- New Album Releases

Posted: Wed, 24 February 2016
It doesn’t get much better than this! Six new Soho albums have just been added to our library, and even if we do say so ourselves, they’re amongst the best we’ve ever done (modesty isn’t our strongpoint).

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 155 - Song Jukebox Cover

SOHO 155 – Song Jukebox

Explore a fun and diverse selection of pop songs, rock and roll, fun DIY tracks, festive and romantic vocals and instrumentals on Soho’s first jukebox album. This selection of bright, optimistic, original songs is perfectly suited for adverts, creating an upbeat and friendly tone that complements radio, film and TV commercials. Like all good jukeboxes, you will find loads of music choice here, including kitsch toe tappers, 50s 60s rock ‘n’ roll, 90s Eurotrash alongside theatrical ballads.

Best suited for: Advertising / Radio Jingles / Parties & Nightlife

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 156 - Homeland Drama Secrets and Spies Cover

SOHO 156 – Homeland Drama, Secrets & Spies

Descend into the murky world of counter terrorism, undercover agents, careless talk, international espionage, cyber warfare and all things noir. Haunting electro-orchestral fusion provides the perfect cinematic score from a cold war stalemate situation to a London roof top chase. Whether you need music for tension building or sweeping panoramic shots, even solemn graveside settings then they are all to be found right here. A must for spies, cybercrime, MI5, CIA, FBI, CSI, Law and Order, World War 2 double agents and the darkest and most sinister of dramas.

Best suited for: Spy Dramas / Thrillers / Technology Programmes

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 157 - Beach Club Cover

SOHO 157 – Beach Club

Beach Club provides a tranquil and unwinding selection of tracks perfect for mid-afternoon beach parties in the summer sun. Covering chillout, cool dance grooves and exotic World trek this album is a beautiful oasis of calm, and mood-setting lounge music. Stylistically suited to holiday programmes, youth lifestyle, fashion and summer beds there are seductive saxophones and jazzy flutes mixed with upbeat electronic sounds and relaxing beats to satisfy sophisticated, tropical and luxurious settings.

Best suited for: Travel Documentaries / Wealth & Luxury / Youth Lifestyle / Fashion

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 158 - A Slice Of Funk Cover

SOHO 158 – A Slice Of Funk

Contemporary pop and chart funk monsters can be found right here. Music powerhouses of the 2010s meet the big funk soul divas of the 1980s all joined together with common influences of the 70s 80s funk music that has been behind many recent chart successes. The infectious guitar tone, chorus chants, uplifting lyrics and irresistibly danceable rhythms have led to the resurrection of this fun genre of music. Go for it Glitter Balls, party on, get funky and get down, down, down

Best suited for: Chart Music / 70s & 80s / Reality TV

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 159 - Jazz Club 2 Cover

SOHO 159 – Jazz Club 2

Our very popular Jazz Club series returns for another sublime collection of cool Blue Note as well as smooth and sophisticated jazz essentials. On this second release we introduce lashings of Blue Note, bebop, modern jazz, avante garde and music for late night lounge and jazz bars with seductive piano melodies. This new collection, like its Soho 119 Jazz Club predecessor, is an incredibly valuable resource. Jazz Club 2 is not afraid to experiment and keep the listener on their toes or tapping their toes, just like all good jazz.

Best suited for: Chat Shows / Detective Mysteries / Background Beds / Cocktail Bar

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 160 - Rock Box Cover

SOHO 160 – Rock Box

Rock Box is a glorious assortment of popular rock music styles. You will find heavy rock, electro rock, jazz rock, indie rock, stadium rock and more. There are powerful vocal Indie anthems with instrumental versions of each. Celtic Rock fuses percussive rhythms and Gaelic twists, kitsch game show rock boasts wild trumpets and finally broad, expansive, building five minute ‘in programme” tracks are offered as indispensable nature science score music.

Best suited for: Sports / Action Movies / Technology & Industry