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Happy Independence Day

Posted: Mon, 4 July 2016
It’s Independence Day, the most patriotic day of the year for our friends across the pond. A time to celebrate the land of the free and the home of the brave, with fireworks, beer and a day off work. Sadly we’re not in the US, so therefore can’t partake in these celebrations. What we can do however, is celebrate American culture and music with some of our best library albums and playlists.

Across our vast catalogue you’ll find tracks in many different genres of American music, including heavy hip hop beats, cool surfer rock, traditional folk and moody blues. Also, as part of our archive collection, you’ll discover a series of historical recordings which document the changing sounds of US productions throughout the past 100 years. Finally, one album of note from our library is Patriotic America, which includes nine newly re-recorded presidential marches, alongside a series of other well-loved patriotic anthems.

Featured American Playlists

The Sounds Of The USA
US Drama
US Election 2016
In The Style Of – Homeland
In The Style Of – House Of Cards
In The Style Of – Mad Men
In The Style Of – True Detective

Featured American Albums

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