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January 2019 – Album Highlights

Posted: Thu, 31 January 2019
January 2019 Album Highlights

With so much fantastic new music brought out each month, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind all the music we have. All of these albums are great and deserve to be highlighted from time to time, so here are four favourites for this month’s Album Highlights. Click a title to hear the album!

SOHO 122 – Romantic Scores

Warm, tender, rich orchestral melodies. Moving, soothing music, perfectly designed to underscore touching scenes full of emotion.

Sensitive and sweet, this heartfelt album is the perfect soundtrack to classic weepy romantic moments and happily-ever-afters. Bear this music in mind this Valentine’s Day.

PRCD 233 – Stories Of My Life

Real life stories, emotionally uplifting and deeply felt, this album features an intimate minimal modern ensemble.

Warm and reflective music, gently flowing with acoustic guitar, strings and piano, providing a touch of delicate romanticism to any project.

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MUSA 004 – Acoustic Guitar II

Beautiful acoustic guitar music ranging in emotion, from joyful, feel-good, bouncing tunes to pensive, reflective, thoughtful and romantic melodies.

Perfectly suited to everyday activity, romantic scenes, the passing of time and more, this album touches the heart and soul.

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NVS 108 – This Is Love

Timeless, intimate and beautifully written songs, with stunning female vocals. Elegant, heartfelt and romantic with orchestral and piano, this album is all about love.

Poignant, warm and reflective, these tracks are ideal for themes of marriage, Valentine’s Day and finding true love.