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July – New Albums and Playlists

Posted: Thu, 28 July 2016

This Month’s Featured Playlists

New additions to our catalogue this month include, everything from rousing patriotic anthems like Nessun Dorma, to bourbon soaked blues sung in a seedy saloon, to light and fluffy cookery programmes and moody Scandinavian detective dramas.

Classical Music
National Anthems
In The Style Of – The Great British Bake Off

This Month’s Best New Albums

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 161 - Welsh Choir Cover

SOHO 161 – Welsh Choir

A selection of powerful, rousing, traditional, moving and uplifting national and operatic songs perfect for the Welsh nation, rugby, football, documentaries, travel and nostalgic pride. Operatic, a capella, organ, brass band and male voice choir.

Listen here

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 163 - European Noir Cover

SOHO 163 – European Noir

Cinematic orchestral scoring for crime fiction, twisted contemporary drama, tortured minds, human emotions, love and remorse. Music for detectives, cold cases, and Montalbano, Bernard Hermann and The Bridge style productions.

Listen here

Library Music - Soho Production Music - 165 - Essential Blues 1 Cover

SOHO 165 – Essential Blues 1 50s & 60s

Traditional down-home blues, from slow and dirty to faster upbeat styles, drenched in the unique blues rhythms of the United States, complete with ‘gators, road trips, smoky saloons, Daisy Dukes and steel strings.

Listen here