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March – New Album Releases

Posted: Wed, 23 March 2016

Library Music - Music Sales Artists - 101 - Our World Cover

MSA 101 – Our World

Life’s journey of discovery and the ever changing natural world. Emotive, tender, rich and passionate music for planet Earth. A stunning album of cinematic orchestral music by renowned film composer Zbigniew Preisner.

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Library Music - Music Sales Artists - 102 - Rock Masterclass Cover

MSA 102 – Rock Masterclass

Rock anthems, extreme sports, Latin, progressive, blues, gothic, stadium, heavy rock, metal, classic and retro rock styles from two guitar masters, Snowy White and Chris Goulstone. With a vast array of genres and styles from across the rock spectrum, this album is an essential addition to Soho’s impressive rock repertoire.

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Library Music - Nightingale - 141 - Orchestral Film Score Vol 3 Cover

NIGHT 141 – Orchestral Film and Score Vol. 3

A beautiful collection of masterfully crafted orchestral pieces ranging from trailer-style suspense to poignant and melancholic to playful fantasy.

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