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November – New Album Releases

Posted: Tue, 10 November 2015

Library Music - Plan 8 Music- 1025 - Meditation Cover

Plan 8 1025 – Meditation

The latest Plan 8 album, Meditation, is a beautiful and tranquil exploration of World music, Eastern Sounds, Nature, New Age, Space and Harmony. Chanting, Tibetan singing bowls and haunting drones, for use in mystical, religious, travel and leisure pursuits. This beautiful collection of serene music forms the perfect beds and underscores. Meditation is a simple, calming, yet moving enrichment of the idyllic natural world.

Library Music - Plan 8 Music- 1026 - Mystic Lands Cover

Plan 8 1026 – Mystic Lands

Dramatic and enchanting fantasy, stunning panoramic film scores and the beauty of the natural world are encapsulated on this incredible new release composed by Jasha Klebe. The album draws upon influences from across the globe, including Africa, Asia and South America, whilst also incorporating influences suited for fantasy worlds. It’s a hugely cinematic album, perfectly suited for film scores, including epic scenes, building drama and heroic adventure.

Library Music - Plan 8 Music- 1027 - Rock Hard Cover

Plan 8 1027 – Rock Hard

Rock Hard is a bold, explosive and bombastic rock album with fast paced intense tracks suited for extraordinary action scenes or gripping set pieces. The album incorporates some electronic and classical elements to produce a more epic scale to the overall sound. The music includes many contemporary styles and influences, but increases their intensity, giving each track a cinematic quality. It’s very well suited to technology, sport, spy or action driven productions.