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October 2018 Album Highlights

Posted: Wed, 31 October 2018
October Album Highlights

With so much fantastic new music brought out each month, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind all the music we have. All of these albums are great and deserve to be highlighted from time to time, so here are four favourites for this month’s Album Highlights.

SOHO 107 – Middle East

Expansive waves of lush strings and percussion underscore this album, where ambient drones sit underneath Eastern rhythms and take you on a journey through the Middle East.

Authentic ethnic music blends with futuristic electronic beats to represent the Middle East of today. The perfect backdrop for any feature on the Eastern world, be it film, documentary or advertisment.

BOS 1008 – Light and Dark

The most beautiful, atmospheric, colourful canvases on which to paint your story. Relaxed, ambient and not without an emotional touch, float away into a new world with Light and Dark.

Electronic and acoustic, circular, positive but moody echos of mystery are here and waiting for you. Subtle and delicate, this album is reminiscent of emotive subjects in documentaries and video games, without being intrusive.


NIGHT SE03 – The Christmas Collection Vol. 3

Christmas is coming and we’ve got you covered for Christmas songs! Contemporary original tracks, remixes of traditional festive songs and beautiful orchestral renditions of Christmas music, this album is your first port-of-call when it comes to having a merry Christmas.

Fun, fresh, full of festive joy and ideal for adverts, these tracks will be bouncing around your head for days to come, and it’s not too early to take a listen right now!