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September 2018 – Album Highlights

Posted: Fri, 28 September 2018

September Album Highlights

With so much fantastic new music brought out each month, sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind all the music we have. All of these albums are great and deserve to be highlighted from time to time, so here are three favourites for this month’s Album Highlights.

SOHO101_digipackSOHO 132 – Gypsy Jazz

This album can’t help but conjure images of summer romance, Balkan tradition and travelling life.

Bright folk dances, passionate tangos and tragic string laments, these tracks make use of typical gypsy jazz instruments, including the accordion, acoustic jazz guitar and cimbalom, for that authentic sound.

Everyone enjoys some classic gypsy jazz, so next time you need to inject some musical excitement into your life, SOHO 132 has you covered.

Plan8_PN8-1005-HOT-VOX_1500px_squarePN8 1005 – Hot Vox

It is what it says on the cover: hot vocal tracks, quirky and fun, to spice up your next advertising campaign.

With a range of moods making use of a variety of grooves, tempos and vocal types, from hip hop-style samples to atmospheric lullaby to jazzy scat singing, PN8 1005 Hot Vox has got something for you whatever your style. This album is bang up to date with unique original music which brings to mind themes of media, technology and city life in particular.

NVS102_1500px_squareNVS 102 – A Cappella Vol. 2: Gospel, Hymns and Chants

Featuring Christian favourites such as Amazing Grace and Ave Maria, this album is exceptionally performed and curated for a beautiful a cappella experience.

However, this album isn’t just limited to use in religious settings as the range of the church tradition is celebrated through Gregorian chant, US country gospel and dramatic choral works to name a few. These tracks would be amazingly effective in trailers, emotional film or perhaps a heartwarming advertising campaign.