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SOHO – The One-Stop Vintage Shop

Posted: Fri, 19 October 2018
Soho Production Music is your new one-stop shop for all things vintage…

Vintage is all the rage, not just in the fashion world, but in sync too! Whether it’s a used for context in a historical drama, to highlight the long-lasting success of a staple product, or even for irony in dark situations, it makes sense why vintage music is in such high demand.

Soho is proud to host not one, or two, but three vintage catalogues: Soho Archive, Bosworth Archive and OpenSound Vintage, as well as the odd individual album here and there.

Movie Magic…

For that classic Hollywood feel, there’s nothing better than warm fuzzy strings to give you and your audience the warm fuzzies. We’ve got sweeping orchestral themes a-plenty to choose from, every one of them with their own charm and delights.

movie magic newsl

Wartime Tunes…

The entertainment produced during World War I and II demonstrates the resilience of the people and their ability to make the best of it through the worst times. With military bands, patriotic orchestral tracks and classic well-known tunes, we’re sure to have something for you.


Vintage Entertainment…

Jukebox tunes, TV sports themes, going out for dancing and music for a bit of afternoon shopping. Chirpy flutes, proud brass fanfares and warm crooners are aplenty, as the lighthearted joy of vintage entertainment is all here in our albums. Lights, camera, action and get ready to be entertained.


So next time you’re looking for that vintage sound, you know where to find it!