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The Sounds of the 60s and 70s

Posted: Tue, 28 June 2016
The 60s and 70s in Soho was a time of rebellion, nonconformity, experimentation and exploration. A time in which the world looked at Soho for the latest trends in fashion, art and music. The impact of these two decades continues to resonate throughout the area to this day, with individuality and eccentricity still celebrated.

Recently, we’ve been taking a look back at these two decades, to unearth some of our best production music albums and playlists from the period. Within our catalogue you’ll find a host of kitsch pop, prog rock, rebellious punk, moody blues and upbeat funk.

Below are a few playlists and albums we recommend trying out if you’re looking for music from the 60s and 70s. If you still can’t find the music you need, get in touch by sending us an email or dropping us a line on 020 3627 0869 and we can sort out a free music search for you.

Featured 60s and 70s Playlists

Sounds of the 60s
The 60s – Blues Rock
The 60s – Kitsch and Camp
The 60s – Psychedelic Rock

Sounds of the 70s
The 70s – Anthemic Rock
The 70s – Punk and Anarchy
The 70s – Disco and Funk

Featured 60s and 70s Albums

Soho Production Music - MSA 107Soho Production Music - Soho 151 ArtworkSoho Production Music - Soho 142 ArtworkSoho Production Music - Soho Archive 108 ArtworkSoho Production Music - Soho Archive 123 ArtworkSoho Production Music - Soho 115 Artwork