Bosworth Production Music LogoWith a history spanning over 125 years, Bosworth is one of the oldest names in library music. This rich resource began with sheet music, wax cylinders, sound-on-film and through the analogue recording era. Heavily sampled, the catalogue boasts exceptional and unique newsreel, orchestral, classic cinema and kitsch styles. Sample Playlist
Music Sales Artists LogoThe Music Sales Artists series launches this year with 'Our World' by Zbigniew Preisner. The series showcases both exceptional talent and recordings. On guitar Snowy White, on percussion Colin Currie… established film and TV composers now in the studio are producing music for seasons, brass band and contemporary drama. Sample Playlist
Nightingale Music LogoWell established and internationally respected Nightingale Music features award-winning composers with placements in countless TV shows, films, trailers and games across the world. Extreme sports, world music and orchestral albums join the Nightingale Vocal Series and Christmas Collection. Sample Playlist
Plan 8 Music LogoIn a world where dull, lifeless music is everywhere, Plan 8 is forging a library of innovative, contemporary and unique production music … this is the future. By delivering an unparalleled variety of genres, ranging from dubstep to cinematic, and being produced by some of the world’s best composers, Plan 8 stands out from the crowd. Sample Playlist
Soho Production Music LogoFrom the heart of London's most effervescent and creative square mile comes Soho Production Music. Soho is a new, vibrant, unique and eccentric library music label providing a comprehensive range of high quality, accessible music. From Bagpipes to Beethoven, Pop to Pantomime, Lifestyles to Lounge, you'll find it here. Sample Playlist
Soho Archive LogoThe Soho Archive is a time capsule of historical recordings, where you can unearth thousands of tracks which helped define and soundtrack the past century. With everything from wartime, to the golden age of Hollywood, some spooky 60s sci-fi and classic cartoons, our archive collection is a fantastic source of high quality, authentic historical music. Sample Playlist